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Need some convincing reasons to be a hairdresser? Whether you’re not sure yourself or you need some good reasons to convince your parents or teachers that it’s a winning career, we’re here to help. Here are a few reasons.

You can see the world

Hairdressing is a truly global job and as long as you’ve got your scissors and your comb, you can pretty much work anywhere. Most product manufacturers and hairdressing organisations hold conferences, training and shows internationally and you’re encouraged to take part in these events. Not only are they a chance to see the world, they’ll also give you the chance to learn more about how hairdressing works abroad,network with other hairdressers and see what trends and techniques are trending across the globe.

You’ll always have a job and earn good money

Even in tough economic times, people need to get their hair cut. In terms of job security, hairdressers and undertakers are pretty much guaranteed a job for life! Most people get into hairdressing because they love it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be earning a good salary at the same time.  When you’re starting out, it can sometimes seem as though you work very hard – and very long hours – for a relativity small reward. But as time goes by you will discover your true earnings.

It’s one of the happiest jobs in the world

Hairdressing is routinely voted as one of the happiest jobs in the world, winning votes for job satisfaction, creativity and being getting to use your skills every day.

There are plenty of opportunities to make a name for yourself

There are loads of competitions in the hairdressing industry to help you make a name for yourself. Whether it’s on a local or international scale, there’s no shortage of opportunities to compete against your contemporaries and show how good you really are

It can be as flexible as you are

Freelancing is big business for hairdressers and there are lots of different roles within the freelance world. You could work as a mobile going to visit people in their homes, in a salon renting a chair or as a session stylist working on shows and shoots. There’s no denying it’s hard work, but if you want to be your own boss, hairdressing certainly offers a flexible take on the usual 9-5.

You meet some amazing people

Whether you’re based in the salon or freelancing, hairdressing is one of the most sociable jobs in the world. You’ll spend all day meeting people and making them feel amazing and when it comes to socialising within the industry, there’s no shortage of events either.

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