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The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is a Quality Council established in 2010 in terms of the Skills Development Act Nr. 97 of 1998. Its role is to oversee the design, implementation, assessment, and certification of occupational qualifications, including trades, on the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF).

The QCTO also offers guidance to skills development providers who must be accredited by the QCTO to offer occupational qualifications.

In summary, the QCTO is responsible for:

  1.1.1. Establishment and management of the Occupational Qualification Sub-framework (OQSF);
  1.1.2. Occupational Qualifications development and maintenance;
  1.1.3. Accreditation of Skills Development Providers;
  1.1.4. Accreditation of Assessment Centres;
  1.1.5. Assessment;
  1.1.6. Certification;
  1.1.7. Research and Knowledge Development; and
  1.1.8. Stakeholder Management and Advocacy.


Growing a presence for quality education and training provision within government, regulatory, and professional bodies.
Being the voice that promotes the inclusion of a private provision in all activities that contribute to excellence in skills development for people Connecting providers to the industry and international partners that are passionate about quality education and training at all levels
Representing employers of education, training, and development professionals at industry bodies that focus on training for employability and the creation of job opportunities
Capacitating new and existing providers to engage constructively in improving mechanisms of delivery for quality in education, training, and development



ITEC is a world-class qualification with triple recognition of National European & International standards.  ITEC has been awarding high quality and respected industry qualifications since 1947. It is now one of the world’s leading and most successful awarding bodies and provides leading international qualifications, specializing in Beauty & Spa Therapy, Hairdressing, Complementary Therapies, Sports & Fitness Training and Customer Service with centres in 39 countries.

Take your career to International heights with the ITEC Nail Technology Diploma/ Beauty Specialist Diploma / Massage Diploma.  One of the gold standards in the above Diplomas is delivered at SMT Training. These qualifications offer the prospective student an opportunity to gain theoretical, practical, and integrated college and industry work experience thereby ensuring readiness for employment.  The qualification offers a structured work-place placement component. 


VTCT is a government-approved awarding organization offering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs), Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), and other vocationally related qualifications (VRQs) at over 800 colleges and training providers both in the UK and internationally. VTCT has been in existence for over 50 years and has been at the forefront of developing the vocational system of qualifications in the United Kingdom. VTCT appeals to a broad target market and offers qualifications in the following sectors: Beauty, Nail & Spa Therapy, Hairdressing & Barbering, Complementary Therapies, Hospitality, Sport, Active Health & Fitness, Customer Service. Apprenticeships.

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