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LEVEL 4: SAQA ID: 80646
4 Months



Course Fee, Examination Fee, Student Kits, Uniform, Student Bags, Learner manuals, Theory & Practical Lessons, Certificate on completion of course.

4 Months | R8 000

A qualified learner will be able to:  Shampoo, condition and treat hair and scalp.   Provide hairstyling services.  Provide hair cutting services.  Apply chemical services to hair.  Maintain professional standards when interacting with clients


  • Reception & Administration
  • Sanitation/Health and Safety
  • Disorders of the skin and hair
  • Shampooing, conditioners and treatment
  • Advanced Head Massage
  • Hairstyling
  • Hair Cutting
  • Chemical hair services


REISTRATION FEE DEPOSIT 1st month 2nd month 3rd month
R500 R1500 R 2000 R 2000 R 2000


Hairdressing Kit

Comb Set 12 Piece
Brush Set 4 Brushes
Tint Bowl and Brush 1 set
Apron 1
Sectioning Clips 12
Rollers 24 x 3 sizes
Perm Rods 24 x 3 sizes
Spray Bottle 1
Perm Neutralising Bottle 1
Neutralising sponge 11
Perm Cap 1
Highlight Cap & Needle 1
Highlight Board 1
Foil 1 roll
Hair Net 1
Kit Bag 11

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